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by Mitch at 8:05 PM
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As per Bobby's previous post - we're winding down for a couple months while a few of us get settled. However, while the original plan was to fall off the grid, we've now decided that's probably not a great option.

With that in mind, some services will remain. Namely website, forums and TeamSpeak. These will all be moved to a far, far cheaper hosting solution so that we won't be dependant on donations for the foreseeable. Obviously that means we have less capability and may experience marginally lowered performance on the services that we do still provide. However, this will only be until we have the manpower to get back on our feet.

Any questions, let me know. See you all soon.

by bobbypsx at 2:18 AM
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To one and all,

Minevortex will be taking a short break. Due to life circumstances several of our staff will be unavailable for a month or so(moving, having kids, getting married, etc) so we have decided to take a brief hiatus. This means a few things.
1) We will no longer be running a server for minecraft during that time.
2) We will be around for questions and to play games with on steam as a backup in the event the forum goes down.
3) Coming up we do however want to return to hosting minecraft as well as a few other games, events, and contests in the future as well as bringing our youtube channel back to live along with twitch streaming etc.

If you aren't on steam we also can be found on facebook and twitter
Let us know, what modpacks you are looking forward to.

Just to clear things up a little bit ~ Curx...
by bobbypsx at 3:39 PM
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Apologies to everyone for not getting this out sooner. Recently there has been some major issues going on with our dedi hosts and we have been down for a collective of about 16 days. Now that the hosts have finally responded to our emails...we can now access all our files. It was through a bit of deliberation and discussion that we will no longer continue services with the current host past this month and are working currently on retrieving all our files and migrate to a new dedi. Hopefully we will be back up within the week.

In other news, everyone been catching up on some new movies or television?
Personally I've caught up on some Game of Thrones and Dragon Ball Super. What about you all?
Please no spoilers.
by HunterAshh at 8:47 PM
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Server is now running 1.9.0

Again if anyone notices any issues or bugs please send in a report. Enjoy!
by HunterAshh at 10:05 PM
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Finally got Beyond updated to 1.8.1. Let me know if you find any issues.


by HunterAshh at 2:11 AM
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Like the title says I'm looking for builders to help me out with a large build project. Experience with World Edit and VoxelSniper a plus. Comfortable with building styles such as Medieval, Fantasy etc (Think Skyrim and WOW. If interested please message me on the forums. If you have some examples of your past builds that would be wonderful.

Happy building, bitches!
by c_u_r_x at 2:50 PM
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I updated the server today at 14:00 to version 1.6.1 in line with the recommended release! Thanks C0FFIN for letting me know on skype that a new version was out because i wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Sorry for being so inactive but I'm right in the middle of exams. They'll be over soon (i keep telling myself)

I like to post the changelog whenever we update but annoyingly FTB haven't released an official changelog for any of the updates between 1.5.3 and 1.6.1 so we're flying blind here and i made my own!
I checked a few bugs that i knew about that i had a hunch might be fixed, but I'm really not sure what's new in this version, what's been fixed or anything.

Things i checked
  • Refined Relocation actually works now (It was totally broken last version, the filter just didn't work at all)
  • Good news, Quantum quarries don't bug out and drop all the items on the ground in an unreachable dimension anymore!
  • Bad news, Quantum quarries now crash the...
by c_u_r_x at 11:52 PM
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Introducing personal drop parties
Drop parties are being introduced as a new reward for completing certain tasks that help drive more traffic to the server. Unlike simply voting, these tasks are slightly more time consuming, such as leaving a review. While we know that many would help out without asking for anything in return, it's always nice to get some rewards!

How do i earn a drop party?
The drop party menu can be found by going to the main menu on the server with ./m From there it will tell you what tasks are currently available and the reward that you will get upon completion. These are not automatic so you may need to wait a little bit until an admin logs in. After that you will see a new icon appear in the drop party menu.

How does it work?

To start it, simply click it in the menu whenever you want. We recommend that you do it in an area with plenty of space and turn your sound on because there is music to go with it. Any players standing...
by c_u_r_x at 6:27 PM
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Hey everybody. I know this is a few days late. I had a post all saved and ready to go on the day and then completely forgot to post it! Whoops!


FTB Beyond is the latest kitchen sink pack from the FTB team. A far less structured modpack to skyfactory. There are some new mods that you may not have tried out before such as embers, roots, and psi (although that last one was in skyfactory, it is nonetheless very awesome) as well as some old favourites like tinkers and the return of Thermal Expansion!

As far as server structure goes, No islands like skyfactory obviously. We have an economy again including the ability to make shops (You set them up in the same way as signshop, but currently only the Buy, Sell and Trade shops are available on sponge sadly). We are using Nations for protections + claims. Its very similar to TownyAdvanced that we had a while back (a long while back, That's the...
by c_u_r_x at 12:36 AM
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Updated Skyfactory to 3.0.8 today. Have yet to find all the new things but can i just say now... They totally ruined the item textures in mystical agriculture. ALL the essences look awful now compared to what they were like before.

Update highlights
  • A Tier 3 growth crystal was added (#Expensive)
  • ExtraUtils2 added various Opinium cores and i have absolutely no idea what in the world they do. If anybody figures this mystery out please let me know. They look fancy.
  • Spare Mystical agriculture seeds can be turned into resources now with a seed reprocessor
  • Dying in an RFTools dimension no longer makes you lose all your stuff! Graves will now work properly there! (Keep inv is still on in main worlds)
Full change logs available here