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by Sped_ at 9:19 PM
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MineVortex server rules and guidelines.

Chat rules:
  • Be respectful and act civil. Bullying and racism is not allowed.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum and don't swear at players. (example: "Fuck I lost..", not "Fuck you Mitch".)
  • Do not harass people.
  • Don't spam or flood the chat.
  • Don't all-caps messages, it looks stupid.
  • We speak English in all global chats.
  • Do not post links sensitive material.
  • Do not advertise other servers, it is extremely rude.
  • Do not ask for ranks/positions, apply using the correct format. (TO COME)
  • If you're asking for assistance state the full issue, don't just shout the name of a staff member.

Private message rules (/msg command):
  • Chat rules apply apart from the "English only" rule.
  • Do not constantly bug staff members using this system.

Command rules:
  • Do not spam /tpa requests.

Bugs & Glitches:
  • If you happen to...
by Sped_ at 6:26 PM
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As of now this will be the staff structure we'll be using. Mitch and me will be leading the Network, HunterAshh will be the general server manager and act as central point between the leaders and managers. She has been chosen for this as she has a foot in both Mine -and ModVortex and is a mature and trusted staff member. After this point we split off into Mine -and ModVortex with Isis_Cruix and c_u_r_x as their respective managers. We've chosen these two as they are the most familiar with their field and are friendly, respected and active administrators. Administrators and moderators will also be section specific as a ModVortex moderator is unlikely to be active on both sections. We might add global administrators and moderators if the need for that arises.

Some of you may have noticed that we removed the helper rank, this is to simplify things. Previous helpers will likely be promoted to moderators, this is not a free promotion though,...
by c_u_r_x at 2:20 PM
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Just a note to make everybody aware that we are moving away from the "staff applications" threads and there will be a new system for applying to become staff. It will likely be some sort of form and will be much easier for us to deal with and much easier for you to use too hopefully. The "application" threads for both MineVortex and ModVortex have been removed so that there is no confusion in where to apply.

Staff applications can now be made HERE
by Mitch at 3:26 AM
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Hello everyone! I'm sitting here at 3am and with nothing better to do I thought I'd take some fancy screenshots of the vanilla network - MineVortex. I'll post those below, but first I'd like to talk a little about my progress.
When logging into MineVortex, you'll be sent a message regarding profiles and the like. I worked on those today and put in the finishing touches. This means that you can now log in to play.minevortex.com (Vanilla 1.7.x) and update your profile info! (/profile for instructions) Your changes will then be sent to your profile (www.minevortex.com/profile/yourname) within 10 minutes.

As an example: www.minevortex.com/profile/MitchBourke

On top of this, I have also finished work on the network currency system that I planned to and have now put in place. I have a few more cosmetic things to do on that, which will be here within the next couple of...
by bobbypsx at 7:02 PM
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As of 1 August the new minecraft eula will take into effect.

Previously, tekkitcraft was running off of a donate w/ incentives of donation packs and kits. Recently this has been determined by notch as an unfair advantage and follows a "pay to win" model.


While these rules always existed they were never enforced. In a subsequent interview by notch again http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/06/17/minecraft-not-worse-than-ea/ he states the new eula is actually less restrictive than the previous, just now they will be enforcing it in a legal matter.

So with the verbage being as vague as it was, do you all as a community of tekkitcraft/minevortex feel the previous donator packs were considered unfair to game play? Did you feel that it gave an unreasonable advantage to other players in terms "pay to win"?
by FalloutNV4eva at 9:09 AM
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We now have proper social media. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like, or point out any main forms of media we could be utilizing. These both should keep you updated on any plans we're thinking over, as well as just random things to potentially brighten your day. I haven't quite decided.

You can currently find us on:
www.twitter.com/MineVortex_ and https://www.facebook.com/MineVortex/

There will be visual updates to the pages as time goes on and we get hip new pictures to deck our pages out.
by Sped_ at 11:00 PM
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The admin team will remain the same as will most of the staff but we will be having some changes.

Staff teams will be split up between MineVortex and ModVortex, this is because some staff will not play with mods and some staff won't play vanilla.

here's a shitty diagram i did in paint
This means that helper applications will also be separate for Mine and Mod vortex.

As for bans: All bans will be global. If you get banned from the Monster server then you are not welcome in Vanilla either.

by FalloutNV4eva at 7:45 AM
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Whether you are a mother like HunterAsh, a father like Unilauh, someone's child, or even just a grumpy ol' troll who lives under the bridge like Sped_, mother's day almost certainly has some special meaning to you (in fact the only scenario I can think of where it wouldn't be is if you were raised by a fabulous gay couple).

The average female of any mammal species expends a great deal of effort and time to nurture her young in healthy adults. This is the polar opposite of basically any other species which just let the babies fend for themselves (Be glad your mother isn't a praying mantis). Be sure you make her day special. It doesn't have to be big, but as long as you put some thought and love into it, I'm certain she'll enjoy it. :) Whether she's your own mother, the mother of your children, or even just one of your friends who are a mom... Be sure to wish them a happy mother's day.

How will you all be spending mother's day?
by c_u_r_x at 1:58 PM
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Well its about time we reveal the huge "Plan" to you all. We are planning and have already started working on a big multi-server network that should hopefully be open very soon, We will defenetely be having both a Technic pack server (probably b-team for a while at least) ,a FTB pack server (Probably FTB monster) and of course some minigames, events and vanilla servers whenever possible. The reason we have not announced it earlier is because we didn't know if it would be possible it all depended on us getting a space on a dedicated host but now that that is sorted its ok to tell people. We want to expand from a tiny little modded server to hopefully become a large and successful network of various different types of servers.

we have also decided that because we will no longer be using purley the technic launcher, the servers will need to be rebranded, So... We have come up with MineVortex for all the vanilla servers and ModVortex for all the modded ones and already have some...