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by c_u_r_x at 1:31 AM
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Refined Storage is a mod that was put together very quickly as Applied energistics had not updated to 1.10.2. As such it is riddled with bugs. While we are not going to ban it be aware that it CAN cause problems sometimes. Occasionally drives go missing or networks cause a lot of lag and have to be turned off by staff. Please note that due to the nature of this and the fact that we have given warning in advance, we cannot spawn in anything that goes missing in this way. It is FAR too time consuming unfortunately.

RFTools has a very nice storage system with the storage scanner and RFTools control extends what can be done with it. Autocrafting, automatic processing in machines and stuff. It is a little complex because you have to programme it yourself (drag and drop) but worth trying something new!

Storage drawers are a very stable way to store items and work together with RFTools storage scanners to put stuff in and pull stuff out of them!

Crates from actually additions store a...
by Mitch at 2:03 PM
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Hello everyone!

As of the 14th of February, MineVortex will turn 5! As part of our celebration, all of our donation packages will be 50% off, and in game voting rewards will be doubled!

It's been a long journey. We've amassed quite a following in those 5 years, and we're still going strong. We've had ups and downs just as every community does but we're back just in time for our birthday! For those of you who are new here, welcome to a vast, ever changing community. And to some of our oldest friends, some of whom are depicted above, welcome back.

As with any post about history, I'd like to thank you, the players. We wouldn't have been able to keep our heads above water without your ever-growing support, we owe this birthday to you.

Looking to learn more about us? Head over to minevortex.com/about for a short history. Feel free to ask any questions you may have below....
by Mitch at 10:49 AM
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Donators - past, present, future,

I've recently come up with a programmatic solution for our chat channel problem. Though, it recently occurred to me, that donators could be allowed to create their own chat channels. I'm just testing the waters on this before plunging in and adding that little bit of extra functionality.

Would you want your own chat channels?
How would you want them to work?
Would you want them to save after you log out?
Would you want to auto focus on them when you log in?
Would you want the above to be configurable?
How far would you want to go with formatting, complete revamp? Or just slight edits to existing channels?
Would you want password protected channels? Or just have to invite players to your channel?
Or just public channels?

I realise that's a lot of questions, but answering them (Perhaps giving some of your own) would really go a long way.


by Eidelwild at 10:31 PM
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We are looking for a talented PHP developer. Become a part of the Minevortex team and make a difference on our server. If you have the skills that we seek please send an email to. Admin@Minevortex.com.
by Mitch at 8:36 PM
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Hello everyone.

This post will be about metrics/data, whether that is of interest to you or not, please read on and give some feedback in the comments below.

In an effort to see what generates us the most traffic and also to see statistics for our network I have created a new Pandora add-on for us to track metrics. Pandora, for those of you that don't know, is our overarching system. It controls the vanilla network in its entirety allowing for maximum availability and fault tolerance with some implementations of self fault finding. The modded counterpart is not quite as advanced but as of yesterday I have managed to run the system on any server software (that's pretty neat). This post is not about Pandora but if you have questions or want to know more post a comment below and I'll answer what I deem public acceptable.

The sort of data we will collect will be as follows:

Uptime per day
Max player count per day
Average player count per day
Server version per day...
by c_u_r_x at 3:48 PM
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Now that the server is stable I'm looking to attract some more players into the community and I've started by placing a post on the official FTB Forums server list. Hopefully it looks good and will start bringing some people in however we are missing some opinions!


I'd be grateful if you could leave some truly honest feedback as a comment and a rating on the thread. Point out what is great about the server, Point out where it could improve, say anything you want (as long as it follows the FTB forum basic rules)

Anybody that leaves a comment + rating will be able to claim a £1 coupon on our store as a small incentive by contacting me on the forums. Please note that you are entitled to this £1 coupon regardless of whether you say something good or...
by c_u_r_x at 10:50 PM
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Updated the server today to SkyFactory 3.0.6 in line with the recommended version.

Notable changes include;
  • "Major lag fixes" - Say the pack makers. We'll be the judge of that.
  • Tooltips for hatching chickens in Hatching nests fixed
  • Fixed the huge performance decrease when connecting the multiblock crafting structure to your Refined Storage system. - YEY
For anybody interested, the full changelog can be found HERE
by c_u_r_x at 1:07 AM
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Donation Tiers
Tier1Trans.png Tier2Trans.png Tier3Trans.png Tier4Tran.png Tier5Tranparent.png

Donation Tiers have been neglected a little recently as we haven't really been sure what we would be able to provide as we updated to 1.10.2 however we have found some that we would like to be able to provide for all the people who have helped in the past and those thinking about helping us out. The list of current perks is by no means final and we would love to add way more too it because we can't thank you guys enough. More and more will be added as and when it becomes possible on sponge.
For those interested in donating you can find our web-store HERE...
by c_u_r_x at 5:31 PM
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Please note that before taking action to disable an item we will try our hardest to solve problems instead of having to disable them. Banned items are only ever a last resort or a temporary solution here.

Fully Disabled Items

Semi Disabled Items

Compressed Cobblestone, Gravel and sand cannot be placed or broken. This is to prevent a rather serious dupe that occurs when they are mined with a compressed hammer. For some reason they drop up to a stack rather than only dropping 9 items. These blocks are not completely banned and can still be used in auto-hammers where this dupe does not work. (And other machines) - A proper fix is being worked on to allow these blocks to be used as normal again. - To compensate for this a little we have halved the hunger exhaustion rate of using vein-miner until a proper solution is found

Disabled Mods
- YUNoMakeGoodMaps - Incompatible with Sponge
- ItsBecauseUHazNoGoodSpawn - Incompatible with Sponge
by c_u_r_x at 4:12 PM
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The server was updated today at 16:00GMT (Ish, who cares really) to SkyFactory3 version 3.0.5 to stay inline with the recommended version of the pack. There were a number of bugs fixed that i've noticed such as the redstone dupe and CHICKENS WORK IN HATCHERIES NOW YEY.


For those interested in the full changelog you can find it Here

As usual if you notice any bugs in the new version then be sure to point them out to us. You can use our new tool here to do that: www.minevortex.com/reportabug