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by Mitch at 5:24 PM
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My first post in this section in well... a long time - Will be about broken things.

As we've moved to a erm "volatile" setup using a pack and server software that don't mix well, we've created a section on our main site in which you can let us know if you discover any bug reports. It's worth noting that you will be required to provide your forums account, in game login and email address in order for us to confirm the validity of your submission.

We will award you with an Entomologist (Insect [Bug] expert) forum title when we have received and validated 5 bug reports from you.

You can report the issues you find here: http://minevortex.com/reportabug

Cheers in advance.

by c_u_r_x at 1:00 AM
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Hi everybody, Here's our current situation (prepare for rant),
So recently, I've become sick of minecraft 1.7.10, like so sick i hadn't logged into resonant rise since before Christmas. It feels like modded has been on that version for so long and there are so many new cool mods and features in 1.10.2. However, 1.10.2 is plagued by the fact that there is no forge-bukkit bridge to allow us to use plugins on the server like we normally do so i also wasn't very motivated to do anything there until something did get released. That seems to be taking longer than we expected it to so we have just opened SkyFactory 3 on the usual play.modvortex.com address.

It is pretty much as basic as servers come. It has a few things thrown in to let you guys make your own islands and to stop spawn blowing up but no more than that. (rant over). There's no voting. No donation perks or anything like that because we simply don't have any way of adding it until either sponge...
by bobbypsx at 1:31 AM
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We are in need for new helpers who are willing and able to assist in daily activities on the server.
We are looking specifically for those that are well known in the current mods and can assist players in any configuration and trouble shooting that may come up.

Bonuses if you are well known in the community and promote friendly social play.
If you are interested please submit an application Here

by c_u_r_x at 1:41 AM
(343 Views / 5 Likes)
As a little thank you to Sped, who has been a fantastic influence for this community I'm hosting an event dedicated entirely to him! (Ooohhh lucky).

From now until Sunday, Discount code I<3Sped will give you a 5% discount on our store

The main event, Spot the Sped! 16 Sped statues have taken over spawn, each one of them has a quote from sped (It took me ages fishing through skype to find some good ones, But there are some really good ones in there...)
This is what they look like, to avoid any confusion. You can trigger the quote by stepping on the pressure plates located nearby each sped!

Each time you visit one, it will get logged that you have found it. Anybody who finds 8/16 statues will get an extra 5% off any purchase in the store (Yes, it does stack with the I<3Sped code) and anybody who finds all 16 will get an extra 10% code.

by Sped_ at 10:04 AM
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Hello dear community members,

As all things come to an end, so must my career at TekkitCraft/MineVortex. For those of you who don't know me, which is likely due to my inactivity, I was the Network server & service manager which means I mostly handled the back-end of things and ensured smooth operation of everything.

It's been nearly five years now, which is fairly heavy considering that's 25% of my life that I've spent with this community so this decision to go wasn't made in a day either. I've lost interest in Minecraft a while ago but still continued to work the server magic as that still interested me but now due to university and work I have no more time to maintain any of it. So instead of hoarding my position I want to pass it on to the people who I know will do a good job of it.

HunterAshh will take over the website and forums.
Eidelwild will take over the Linux and treasury side of things.
Callum will take over the server management.

Mitch will continue as the server...
by Arizona_Bones at 4:25 PM
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Hello All,

As you are by now aware we have switched to the Resonant Rise 3 modpack. So voting on the old Infinity sites will no longer get you your money. Like before typing /vote in game will bring up the list of sites you can use. Click on the links and hit yes when asked if your sure you want to open it and your hard earned cash is just a vote site away. Now you might be asking what if I get attacked by a large band of rabid weasels and am unable to get online during my stay at the hospital? What is to become of my town? You can vote using the links I am providing here and your votes will be saved. Later when you are able to get on all your money will be waiting for you. Your town is safe, your a hero to all and Bob's your uncle. So vote early, vote often, vote now!!

Site 1: https://www.minestatus.net/89513-modvortex

Site 2: https://atlauncherservers.com/server/jaOV2Ssw/vote

Site 3: http://minecraftserverslist.org/server/196623/vote/...
by bobbypsx at 1:37 AM
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Officially open!

Resonant Rise 3: Mainline v
Sharecode: kadYoKAy

How to set up sharecode by Eidelwild!
by Arizona_Bones at 9:25 PM
(246 Views / 2 Likes)
MineVortex is pleased to announce a new feature coming along with our new mod pack, Apartments! That's right apartment. We now have housing available for rent for the low cost of $10 per day. The rooms are large and spacious and are yours to change internally as you see fit once you rent them. Need more storage? Add some chests. Want to craft? Add a workbench. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

1: How do I get there? By typing ./warp Housing you will be sent to the rental area

2: How do I rent a apartment? Simply click the sign with money in your account and it's yours. You can add more days by clicking the sign the number of days you desire.

3: What do the rooms look like?

So if you want a safe place to stay...
by bobbypsx at 1:23 AM
(987 Views / 5 Likes)

Resonant Rise 3:Mainline

For those not familair on how to set up the new pack eidelwild made this

Download ATLauncher

Share Code : kadYoKAy

server address : play.modvortex.com

The reason for the sharecode is because we added some additional mods to the pack so its not straight RR3:Mainline. So if you try to enter without the sharecode you will be denied.

We will officially open on Friday and will keep Infinity up for another 2 weeks for those that want to continue to play until its closure.
Mods Included
Advanced Generators
Frame Fix
Logistics Pipes
Buildcraft Additions
Buildcraft Compat
Calculator Aseembly Fix
Carpenter's blocks
Chisel Facades
More Chisels
Draconic Evolution
Ender Zoo
Enchanted Portals
Magic Bees
BiblioWoods Forestry Edition
by c_u_r_x at 12:59 AM
(413 Views / 3 Likes)
Hi everybody. I'm back from my summer job (i have been for a while actually but I've been busy with stuff like starting back at uni and finding a weekend job and have taken my cub scouts away camping for 2 of the past 4 weekends. Yeah, its been busy)

Back to the point, this post is about new, yes new, donator perks. I've been trying to come up with some neat stuff for you guys that adds a little extra into the game and i think (hope) that you are going to like them. I have a couple up my sleeve but one that I'm really excited about showing off.

Custom Decorations
Not satisfied with all the decorations added by Decocraft i thought it would be cool to add more donator only ones too. Using player heads and a sneaky re-texturing method i've come up with a BUNCH of custom decorations that you will be able to spawn in and use to decorate your land (or yourself if you feel so inclined because you can wear them all...