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by bobbypsx at 11:06 PM
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With all that is going on in the world and news recently either you are from the USA, European Union(or formerly from), France, Turkey, Middle East, or anywhere really. We like to encourage our ideals of an international community and at its very core we hope a positive community. We just want to thank you all as users for joining and sticking with us with all that is going on. From Brexit, random shootings, military coup, and to a lesser extent the release of pokemon Go.

Stay Safe, stay positive, and just try to make the world a better place anywhere you can.

Again Thank you all for your continued support.
by Sped_ at 10:32 PM
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Hello everyone,

To decrease lag and costs we've purchased a new server which will be replacing the older one. The new one has a much faster CPU, more disk space and less RAM.

To move all services to this server we've scheduled Friday, june 24 and the day after that. In those two days outages may be possible for both the website and the minecraft server. We'll try to move everything as fast as possible but in order to not lose progress the Minecraft server will need to be off before we can start moving them. We'll keep you updated when it's happening (and before that). I'll try to move the Minecraft server to the new machine at about 12:00 GMT/UTC.
by CLASnipe at 6:42 PM
(317 Views / 0 Likes)
Mining World and the End will be reset in on Saturday, June 25th at 12pm est. You have 1 week to remove your quarries from the Mining world.
by c_u_r_x at 1:23 PM
(660 Views / 3 Likes)
Announcing a brand new addition to the donator perks line up (finally). The Town menu. You need to be Donator1+ to use this feature!

I've been working on this for the past few days and have tried to make it simple but really useful for managing your towns (especially the town and plot permissions, it should be super useful for those!)
All of the icons are vanilla items so that updating doesn't ever break them but if you think a different item (still vanilla) would fit better then please let me know. If I find anything that I can add to the menu then I will try to do so to make it even more useful!

Using /menu (No spaces) will open up the main menu where you can access all 4 of the categories - Town Permissions, Plot Permissions, Town Borders and Town Bank.

Town Permissions
  • Quickly and easily adjust the most commonly used permission flags! Green row for true, Red row for false
  • Quick access to this...
by Sped_ at 9:46 PM
(105 Views / 0 Likes)
As of the 15th of may 2016 we've shut down the vanilla servers for the forseeable future. You will not be able to connect anymore.
by c_u_r_x at 7:21 PM
(376 Views / 0 Likes)
the normal vote links (minevortex.com/vote/{number}) aren't working atm. Sped is fixing it but until then here you can still use the links below to vote


I couldn't find the 6th one if anybody knows it they could post it below :p
by c_u_r_x at 1:26 PM
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Twilight forest will reset this friday. Post below if there are any other dimensions needing reset.
by c_u_r_x at 3:45 PM
(397 Views / 0 Likes)
Both voting sites that haven't been working properly have fixed their issues now. The problem was that mojang apparently changed how their auth servers verified accounts meaning that these sites had to change how they checked with the auth servers. Long story short - It's fixed now and all 6 voting sites should be up and running again.

PS - This was the same issue affecting the donation store, which is also now working again.

Thanks for your patience :D
by c_u_r_x at 9:00 PM
(389 Views / 2 Likes)
The mining world will reset on FRIDAY. Make sure you get all your stuff out before then or it will go poof!
by c_u_r_x at 4:33 PM
(380 Views / 3 Likes)
It's been far too long since we have had any events so I went straight to Wikipedia and found something observed globally. I found Earth Day, You might turn off the lights at home on the 22nd of April and sit in candlelight, but we can't exactly turn off lights on the server easily. So, instead. It shall be a building competition! Build something that resembles earth day in-game!

You could build whatever you wanted to that fits into the theme, it could be a 2D map of the earth made out of wool or a 3D globe made out of clay or any other materials you wanted! Just make sure that if you build something you let us know that you have in this thread or we won't be able to see it! You should also tell us what town you live in so that we can find it easily! It doesn't need to be a map remember, as long as you can explain how it fits into the theme of "The Earth" then we will consider it an entry! There are no fixed prizes yet and they will most likely be decided when the winner is...