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Active server FTB Beyond

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by c_u_r_x, Apr 22, 2017.

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    Nov 15, 2012
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    Hey everybody. I know this is a few days late. I had a post all saved and ready to go on the day and then completely forgot to post it! Whoops!


    FTB Beyond is the latest kitchen sink pack from the FTB team. A far less structured modpack to skyfactory. There are some new mods that you may not have tried out before such as embers, roots, and psi (although that last one was in skyfactory, it is nonetheless very awesome) as well as some old favourites like tinkers and the return of Thermal Expansion!

    As far as server structure goes, No islands like skyfactory obviously. We have an economy again including the ability to make shops (You set them up in the same way as signshop, but currently only the Buy, Sell and Trade shops are available on sponge sadly). We are using Nations for protections + claims. Its very similar to TownyAdvanced that we had a while back (a long while back, That's the one we had on tekkit and Attack of the B Team). The big difference is that the commands are /n instead of /t ! If you are in game i strongly recommend checking out the /m command (menu). It'll bring up a menu that gives you really clear and simple instructions on how nations works.

    I am hoping to bring back some more donation perks as we were very limited in what we could do on skyfactory. Thankfully there has been progression on the sponge platform and we can now do things like the menus, which opens up a lot more possibilities! There are already some perks i have brought back (the donator menu allows you to spawn in loads of fireworks and custom heads for decoration. I will be adding more to the custom heads. Lots more. However it takes a fair amount of time to do so, so i will release them a category at a time!

    For those of you who were around on the Resonant Rise 3 server, we've brought back the clocktower spawn (because it was awesome and didn't get much use) Thanks to ash as usual for the fantastic building and everybody who helped fitting it into the new map (Damn that was not easy...) Also thank you to everybody who helped me get the beyond server up and running.

    I've setup a new post on the FTB forums as it seems to be a good way to drive traffic towards the server. We would really appreciate a rating and a comment if you have the time!
    Link to FTB Forums

    Anybody still looking to finish up or continue on skyfactory will be able to find it at play.modvortex.com:33333. It will remain up for another 2 weeks before being closed.
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